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Outreach Projects

SCRC runs various Outreach projects in which our residents can impact other people’s lives in a positive way. Not only does this benefit others, it also helps our residents to develop attitudes of humility and gratitude, both of which are an inseparable part of a successful recovery process.

On a regular basis, we facilitate visits to local crèches, schools, orphanages, churches and informal settlements to be of service in many ways. SCRC also reaches out to impoverished communities in remote areas as often as we can. So far, we have accomplished successful Outreach Missions to Lesotho, Mozambique, Zululand, Matatiele and the Transkei.

‘Knit Your Heart Out’ is an ongoing Outreach project in which residents are taught knitting and crocheting skills. They are also equipped with the materials to be able to personally create blankets, clothing and toys for those less fortunate than themselves. These items are then given to people that need them, as part of our other Outreach initiatives.

"South Coast Recovery Centre is an epic place of transformation where lives are restored & family's are saved."

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